Roystonhill From Tollcross Park

Roystonhill is a housing estate in Royston, north Glasgow. Prior to comprehensive development during the interwar years, Victorian tenements were the most common form of housing in teh area. These were demolished to make way for new stone-based corporation tenements in the 1930s. Four tower blocks were built at the top of the hill in the late 1960s, they included some of the city's tallest blocks.

The tenements were demolished in the early 1990s as they had outlived their use. As had 240 Roystonhill which was one of the city's first high rise casualties in 1992 and, at the time, the UKs tallest demolished tower block. 20 Rosemount Street was demolished in 2013. The area has again been rebuilt with new tenements and low rise mixed private/social housing built around the surving high rises.

tower blocksEdit

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