Sheffield Homes is an organisation set up in 2004 and owned by Sheffield City Council to manage council housing in Sheffield. They provide housing management services and manage repairs and improvements to tenants' homes. The organisation is structured with tenants on the committee. This means more involvement for tenants and for the first time they are on the body that makes key decisions about housing services in the city. Their "mission is to work together to provide excellent homes and services, in order to create clean, attractive neighbourhoods for communities in Sheffield". (quote from web site) They provide housing management services to around 43,000 households and are delivering the largest Decent Homes programme in the country - investing nearly £700 million in modernising local homes.

"We received the news on January 2006 that the Audit Commission (new window) had assessed Sheffield Homes as providing 'an excellent three star service with promising prospects for further improvement'. We are the largest Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) in the country and the first one in the north to achieve 3 stars, two years in a row". (quote from web site)

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