The Silverlock Estate is a council estate located between Silwood Street and Rotherhithe New Road in the Rotherhithe area of Southwark, London. To the east is Tissington Court, to the west and south are the remaining blocks of the Silwood Estate, and also to the west, overlooking Silwood Street, is Richard House, a 4 storey block of 16 flats built in the 1950s.

Completed in 1979, the Silverlock Estate consists of numerous mid-rise blocks of flats between 4 and 6 storeys in height. The blocks are constructed out of concrete with brick masonry facings. Refurbishment works were carried out on the estate in 2009.


  • Westlake - 5 storey block of flats overlooking Rotherhithe New Road
  • McIntosh House - 4 storey block of flats overlooking the central park of the estate
  • Adron House - 4 storey block of flats overlooking the central park
  • George Walter Court (formerly George Walter House) - 4 storey block of flats and sheltered housing partly overlooking Silwood Street, behind Richard House
  • Millender Walk - 6 storey block of flats forming the southern boundary of the estate

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