Springboig 009

Springboig is a housing estate in Shettleston, Glasgow. It lies between, Greenfield, Barlanark, Shettleston, Queenslie and Cranhill. The scheme was developed during the 1930s and was, at the beginning of WW2, the most eastern point in the city. There are many prefabs in the area ranging from the base semis with metal roofs, to more plush residences.

There is a unique development at Springboig Quadrangle. This estate was inspired by the Karl Marx Hoff and consists of four storey tenements with an enclosed communal space in the middle. The tenements have rounded features not seen elsewhere in Glasgow and is unique in inter war council housing development in Scotland. Despite this, parts of the Quadrangle have become run down with the shops closing and several dwellings have become irritable.

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