Spruce House was an 8 storey tall tower block in a group of 5 blocks situated in Hodge Hill's Firs Estate in Birmingham. Plans for the block were approved in 1957, and it was constructed in 1958 by Stubbings using the Truscon construction method. It contained 32 flats.

The other blocks on the estate were Oregon House, Lebanon House, Douglas House and Sylvester House in Berrandale Road. The tower blocks suffered with damp, due to the location that they had been built on, and by the late 1990s Birmingham City Council could not let more than a dozen ground-floor flats because of flooding caused by the water rising from the ground. The estate was situated to the East of the Bromford Bridge estate, to the immediate south of the M6, and were demolished during 2002.

No new homes are likely to be built on the site because of the rising ground water threat and the proximity of the M6.

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