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townhead high life april 2006

Townhead is a housing estate in the city of Glasgow just north of the city centre. It is bordered to the north by Springburn, to the east by Dennistoun and to the west by Cowcaddens.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Townhead was given Comprehensive Redevelopment Area status. This meant that the thriving, close-knit tenement community would be flattened to make way for new housing. Despite complaints from residents, it was for the best as Townhead had fallen into a slum-like state, with residences rarely having indoor toilets.

The new scheme was developed throughout the 1960s with new tenements built and four 25 storey tower blocks erected. A smaller high rise scheme was erected at the junction of High Street and Duke Street called Drygate. It contained three tower blocks.

Despite the abundance of housing, amenities within the estate were thin on the ground. Residents had to rely on the city centre, luckily just a short walk away, for entertainment and shopping venues. However, Townhead is a popular area due to these close city centre links and because of this, the entire tenements stock has been refurbished in recent years to a 21st century standard. The tower blocks will also be refurbished over the next few years.

Tower blocksEdit

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