Upper penllwyn is located in the upper most area of the Penllwyn estate. It is one of the many 'peripherel' social housing estates in the Caerphilly borough. Its design is based on the 'radburn' design with interlinking alley ways, 'back to front' houses, with a typical 'concrete jungle' character, with the dark grey finish to the properties giving that bleak feel to the area,

Upper Penllwyn is characterised by by high levels of anti social behaviour, drug and alchohol abuse, high unemployment, poor transport links, short term tenancies and empty properties. The immediate environment is poor and tenants and residents have little outdoor personal space, the space that is avaiable comprises of 'patchy' and neglected grass areas, poor parking facilities and interlinking thoroghfares which have become a magnet for litter and criminal/anti social behaviour. For many years the area of Upper Penllwyn has been regarded as 'no go zone' and largely home to families with particular challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse, criminality and anti social behaviours.

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