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Windermere House (left) and Thirlmere House (right)

The Vincent Drive Estate is a council estate in the Selly Oak area of South Birmingham. The estate is located mostly to the south of Vincent Drive, with some properties on the northern side. It is bordered to the east by the new Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, to the south by Bourn Brook, to the west by Harborne Lane and its junction with Metchley Lane, which also forms its northern border.

The land for the estate was earmarked in the early 1960s as it had previously been used mostly for allotment gardens, with some temporary prefabs constructed to the north. Plans were approved in 1965 and the estate was completed in 1967 by Bryant using the Bison construction method.

The estate is predominantly lowrise with terraced houses, with mews to the rear where cars could be parked away from the street. Two 11 storey tower blocks on either side of Vincent Drive were also constructed and contain 42 flats each. These are Windermere House and Thirlmere House.

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