Vulcan House was a 13 storey tower block on Farnborough Road on the Castle Vale estate in Birmingham. Plans for the block were approved as part of the Farnborough Road East Group in 1965 and it was completed in 1967 by Bryant. It was 38 metres tall and contained 42 flats.

Vulcan House was the the final block of the 14 tower blocks on Farnborough Road to come down, and was demolished during summer 2002, using the high reach removal technique.

Vulcan House survived longer then its neigbouring blocks due to a deal agreed in 2000 between Castle Vale HAT and Birmingham Heartlands Hospital to house up to 100 doctors and nurses for 2 years whilst the hospital's accommodation was renovated. As part of the deal, Castle Vale HAT received £30,000 per year from the NHS Trust for two years.

However, ironically, by March 2001, the NHS Trust was wanting to lease Vulcan House back to the City Council to house asylum seekers, as it had only being able to find 40 staff willing to occupy the block, and the Trust was wanting to recoup some of the money it had spent securing the tower block.

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