The Wyndford estate is situated on the grounds of the former Maryhill barracks in Glasgow. The scheme is bordered by Gairbraid to the north, Kelvinside and Kelvindale to the west, Ruchill to the east and the Botanic gardens to the south. Wyndford is in the top 2% of the most deprived estates in the UK. The problems are concentrated in four tower blocks on the edge of the Wyndford estate, each standing 26 storeys tall, in which drug abuse is rife - most popular are cocaine, heroin, and downers, like diazepam. There are four 26 storey tower blocks:

There are five 15 storey tower blocks:

There are seven 8 storey point blocks:

There is one 9 storey maisonette block located at Towie Place.

Former residentsEdit

  • Celtic legend and football pundit, Charlie Nicolas
  • Football player turned manager, Jim Duffy

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