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The Wyrley Birch Estate is a council estate located north of Gipsy Lane in the Erdington area of Birmingham. The estate is bordered to the south by the Witton Lakes and Gipsy Lane, to the west by The Ridgeway, to the north by allotments and College High School, and to the east by James Brindley School.

Plans for the estate were first approved in 1955 and included the construction of four 8 storey tower blocks along Faulkners Farm Drive. These were completed in 1957 by Wimpey. Plans for the construction of an additional tower named Kesterton Tower were approved in 1962 and completed in 1964 by Tersons. Kesterton Tower has since been demolished.

Tower blocksEdit

The four 8 storey tower blocks are:

Kesterton Tower was 16 storeys in height.

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